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Our platform is a distinguished closed network comprising TOP1 pre-vetted fractional CTOs across various domains on a global scale. We help you find highly specialized specialists who will perfectly match your type of business.

Save money on operating expenses, and pay only for effective efforts that will be focused exceptionally on the growth of your business.

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We take care of the administrative tasks related to talent and work directly with clients to ensure a smooth process. When you choose our platform, you reduce your overhead costs and enable outstanding talent to be fairly compensated for their valuable contributions.

  • 5000 experts
    5000 experts

    Our agency houses a vast network of over 5000 fractional experts, ensuring a diverse pool of talent to meet varied client needs.

  • Strong recruiting team
    Strong recruiting team

    Backed by a dedicated recruiting team, we employ rigorous selection processes to handpick top-tier talent, ensuring expertise, reliability, and compatibility with client requirements.

  • Strong supervisors team
    Strong supervisors team

    Our supervisors are experts with many years of experience. Therefore, when selecting specialists for our platform, we carefully select them, conduct multi-stage interviews and select the best from the best.

  • Extended audit system
    Extended audit system

    With an extended audit system in place, we uphold stringent quality control measures, conducting thorough assessments to maintain the highest standards of performance, professionalism, and client satisfaction.


Introducing our innovative fractional experts solution, a collaborative effort between two leading companies, designed to meet your needs with unparalleled expertise and efficiency

Luxeo is an internet marketing agency specializing in search engine optimization of projects in the IT industry (enterprises, startups and product companies)

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  • 2015

    Working in the Ukrainian and international markets for over 9 years

  • 300+

    Cases in various market niches

  • 50+

    Active client accounts they work with

  • 1+ MLN

    Traffic projects they’ve had an experience with

Mangosoft is a software engineering company that delivers business-transforming solutions for middle-sized businesses and startups

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  • 350+

    Professionals working with the best practices and expertise

  • 100+

    Successfully delivered projects

  • 3

    Offices worldwide to cooperate from different parts of the world

  • 12+

    Years as the perfect technology partner for companies worldwide


Our directory boasts 5083 fractional pre-vetted engineers, meticulously categorized for every niche, industry, and market.

Choose your criteria and get the right person for your business needs

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Type of your business

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Needed expertise

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Industry focus

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Financial Side

Compare the costs for in-house professionals and the costs with our platform. Determine your benefits and make the right choice

Inhouse Specialist Specialist at OuR Platform
EUR 10000 (EU)
USD 25000 (USA)
$8000 (USA)
100 USD included
3000 USD included
Office and other
perks cost
250 USD included
300 USD included
courses, etc.
500 USD included

Operational Side

Compare the costs for in-house professionals and the costs with our platform. Determine your benefits and make the right choice

Fast Connection with skilled CTOs

Skip the lengthy process of hiring an in-house CTO by partnering with us. We can match you with the most suitable candidate within two weeks, saving you valuable time.


Flexible Collaboration

Choose the terms of collaboration with a part-time CTO. Decide when the collaboration starts and ends and set milestones that align with your goals.


Proven Decision-Making

Rely on our experienced CTOs with over a decade of industry knowledge. Their track record of helping numerous companies speaks to their reliable decision-making skills.


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    In a matter of days, we'll connect you with precisely the talent your project demands. Our average matching time is less than 48 hrs.

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When it might be relevant for your business?

  • Targeted Strategies without Full-Time Commitment
    Targeted Strategies without Full-Time Commitment

    This form of collaboration is particularly suitable for projects that require a targeted marketing strategy or for companies that want to test new hypotheses without large investments.

  • Crisis situations requiring urgent solutions
    Crisis situations requiring urgent solutions

    To solve an urgent business problem, it is often very time-consuming to find and hire a strong marketing specialist. On our platform, you can quickly find such a specialist and start solving your problems tomorrow.

  • Need for niche expertise
    Need for niche expertise

    Moreover, part-time marketers are beneficial for organizations aiming to tap into niche markets. In addition, part-time marketers are beneficial to companies looking to tap into niche markets. With their specialized skills, they can address unique challenges and provide customized solutions without the need for a full-time marketing team.

  • Perfect for Projects and Transitional Phases
    Perfect for Projects and Transitional Phases

    Part-time marketers also meet the needs of companies in transitional phases, such as product launches or rebranding efforts. Their ability to focus on specific tasks while drawing on their wealth of experience makes them valuable employees for short-term but high-impact projects.

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For Startups

Product strategy development

  • Cloud and on-premise systems deployment
  • Architecture consulting
  • App refactoring
  • Quality assurance and control

Infrastructure and architecture creation

  • Planning phase and fast prototyping
  • Implementation of agile methodologies
  • System failures prevention
  • Strategic resource management

Tactical project management

Easily handle the day-to-day tasks of managing a project and find ways to turn inevitable changes into growth points with the help of a qualified CTO.

Engineering team audit

Forming a team for a specific product: interviewing, selecting specialists, organizing processes and delivery pipeline

for-enterprises icon

For Enterprises

Consulting Services

  • Cost optimization consulting
  • Drawing up architecture suggestions
  • Software performance analysis
  • HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS compliance consulting

Overseeing digital transformation (Tech strategy improvement/creation)

From outlining the structure of your company to finding the most efficient way to achieve sustainable growth, you can count on a part-time CTO for all of it.

Transition support

Suitable for companies in transition, such as undergoing a merger, acquisition, or leadership change. A CTO provides leadership during the transition and shares the business transformation experience.

Engineering team audit

It’s suitable for established businesses seeking strategic guidance. This service focuses on long-term tech strategy and planning, provides mentorship to internal tech leaders and teams.


We offer reliable, efficient delivery with highly-skilled engineers & finely-tuned software development processes.

Save up to 70% of your time by hiring needed specialists who can join immediately.

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    Legally verified, mandatory signing of NDA to ensure client protection

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    Networking software

    Deploying best in class networking software for enhanced connectivity and control

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    Personalized contract for each client ensuring the best output

  • restricted sharing icon

    Restricted sharing

    Data and files are kept in high observation to discourage sharing without approvals.



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    Project management
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    Availability for discussions
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    Timeline management
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    Work allocation

Our platform

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    Selection of a specialist according to the client’s request
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    Quality control of the work performed by our specialists
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    Communication quality control
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    Monitoring the fulfillment of agreed responsibilities
  • check icon
    Billing and leaves management
  • check icon
    Employee happiness and retentions
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    Time tracking and monitoring
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    HR management
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fractional CTO?

It's a Senior Tech Executive who provides part-time or remote leadership and expertise to businesses. They offer strategic guidance, oversee technology initiatives, and drive innovation while working fractionally.

What does a fractional CTO do?

The person is responsible for developing and implementing technology strategies, managing technology teams, overseeing product development, evaluating new technologies, and ensuring technology alignment with business goals.

What is the difference between interim and fractional CTO?

An interim CTO is typically brought in temporarily to fill a vacant CTO position or provide leadership during the transition. On the other hand, a fractional CTO works on a part-time or remote basis, providing ongoing strategic guidance and expertise without needing a full-time commitment.

What are the benefits of a fractional CTO?

The benefits of a fractional CTO include access to high-level technology expertise, cost-effectiveness compared to hiring a full-time CTO, flexibility in engagement terms, scalability to meet evolving business needs, and the ability to leverage specialized skills for specific projects.

When should you hire a fractional CTO?

It would help if you considered hiring a fractional CTO when your business needs strategic technology leadership but may not require a full-time executive. It could be during periods of growth, transition, or when facing complex technology challenges that require specialized expertise.

Which qualities should you look for in a CTO?

Essential qualities of a CTO include technical expertise in relevant technologies, strategic vision, and leadership skills, the ability to communicate effectively with technical and non-technical stakeholders, experience in team management and collaboration, and a track record of driving innovation and success.

How much does a fractional CTO Cost?

The cost can vary depending on factors such as experience, expertise, and the scope of work. Typically, fractional CTOs charge hourly rates ranging from $100 to $300 or more.

Is a fractional CTO the right alternative for you?

Whether a fractional CTO is a suitable alternative depends on your business needs, goals, and budget. If your organization requires strategic technology leadership on a part-time basis and values flexibility and cost-effectiveness, a fractional CTO could be a suitable option.

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